10+ years of experience in growth, product & marketing.

Micah has led up growth, product & marketing initiatives across a variety of VC backed startups in California.  

"I found it incredibly helpful to get Micah's perspective on opportunities we have. Potentially even more valuable though was to get a fresh perspective on some of the more nuanced aspects of things our company is grappling with at the moment internally. Really enjoyed getting his take."

Matt Gierl

CMO, TheBlackTux


Worked at the following companies:


VP Growth, Twenty20

5 years (2013- 2018)

Leading up growth across 2 sides of the marketplace - viral, product loops to grow the contributor side...and B2B growth tactics to grow the customer base through lead gen, sales, subscriptions & advertising. g.png

Manager, Growth & Acqusition

3 years (2010- 2013)

Leading up acquisition efforts and spending $10M+ per month on advertising around the world. As well as partnering with product to run experiments & driving email marketing campaigns forward.

Advisor to the following companies:


Official Mentor:

Start-Up Chile is the leading accelerator in Latin America, among the TOP 10 globally, and one of the biggest and most diverse startup communities in the world. As a mentor, Micah has provided advice & support to 10+ startups that have gone through the Startup Chile Program.